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Wide Angle Coaching


I am passionate about serving as a convener to spark positive change for individuals, teams, organizations and communities. 

Life is a mystery-unfold it.
Life is a struggle-face it.
Life is beauty-praise it.
Life is a puzzle-solve it
Life is opportunity-take it
Life is sorrowful-experience it.
Life is a song-sing it.
Life is a goal- achieve it.
Life is a mission—fulfill it.

Janet provides personal and professional coaching to those who seek to improve some aspect of their personal or work lives. She received her professional training through The Hudson Institute of Santa Barbara – one of the nation’s leading coaching and leadership programs – which is an Accredited Coach Training Program through the International Coach Federation (ICF). She embraces its framework and approach.

Janet adheres to the International Coach Federation Code of Ethics.

In addition to 1:1 coaching (more info below), Janet offers two group options.

Transitions: Next Steps Peer Support/Learning Group

This peer group format is an excellent place to explore your next steps and to begin to design the life you want. Includes three 3-hour sessions.

» More info about Transitions: Next Steps, including dates and registration

Dependable Strengths® Workshop

Dependable Strengths

Dates: TBD

$325 - includes access to cohort listserv, materials, refreshments and monthly seminars.

» Download registration form (PDF)
» Download registration form (MS Word)

Purpose: Learn to use a practical and an alternative framework and tools for job seeking and/or approaching your next phase

Outcomes/Results: Discovery of strengths and capabilities that will boost your confidence and tools to put to use right away!

TUITION/COST: $325 for the two-day workshop
REGISTRATION: Limited to 12 people

» About Dependable Strengths

Executive, Leadership & Management Coaching

Janet works with people of all ages and experience who are interested in increasing their leadership competencies and confidence; emerging leaders who are wondering if they have the 'right stuff;' managers and leaders who are on the threshold or in the throes of particular passages. Perhaps you have agreed to take a stretch assignment or new position; or you have experienced a significant failure for which you might be responsible; or you are coping with a challenging boss or competitive peers.   Have you just joined a new organization?  Maybe you have reached your limits with trying to find a meaningful balance between your work, family and social life. 

"Sometimes we get to the top of our ladder and find it is against the wrong wall."
Joseph Campbell

"When I was young I always wanted to be somebody. Now I know I should have been more specific."
Lily Tomlin
The Search for Intelligent Life in the Universe

Transition, Career & Next Steps Coaching

As a longtime university and college teacher in a variety of professional programs, Janet has offered career development courses. As a mentor to many professionals, Janet excels in providing tools, confidence and connections that have helped people find their calling and/or rewarding work.

Are you exploring what you want to do next in your life?  Have you been an at home parent and are trying to figure out your next steps, possibly in the work place?   Are you a college graduate, a manager or leader in an organization who wants to explore other options?  Maybe you are considering what your life will be like once your retire from your current job. Are you interested in transforming your life and don’t know where to start?  Coaching can help.


I embrace the following core tenets:

    I hold trust sacred and provide a safe and professional  environment.
    I ask questions and guide the client to new awareness that sparks intentional actions and productive,   aspirational behavior.
    I am an inquisitive lifelong learner and value different perspectives. 
    I sincerely care about each of my clients. The client sets the agenda while we have collaborative, goal oriented conversations.
    I use a presence based approach that pays attention to the client as a whole person.  Mindfulness is central to my practice.
    I focus on clients’ assets and strengths through an appreciative approach, emphasizing each person’s potential.  I believe that possibilities are unlimited.
    I believe whole heartedly in transformative change and know that this requires commitment to changing habits and patterns.  I have a forward moving, action oriented approach.
    I am committed to exploring new and different ways of approaching life and work, believing change requires looking at things from different angles. 
    This work is hard and requires levity and laughing along the way. 


"Today, on the edge of a new decade, the field has matured into a profession with standards, methodologies, and research, writing and ethical practices.  The work of coaching produces outcomes and results that support leaders and individuals in their developmental pathways and easily maps to measurable outcomes that matter." 
Pam McLean, CEO, The Hudson Institute

"The field of coaching emerged in the late 1980’s to train professional in all dimensions of leadership effectiveness. The Hudson Institute trains coaches to facilitate these qualities in their clients. Coaching keeps clients focused on inner purpose and how to shape that purpose in a world of infinite possibilities."
What is Coaching? The Hudson Institute

What are professional certified coaches trained to do?
"Coaches are trained to listen, to observe and to customize their approach to individual client needs. They seek to elicit solutions and strategies from the client; they believe the client is naturally creative and resourceful. The coach's job is to provide support to enhance the skills, resources, and creativity that the client already has."
International Coach Federation

It is important to ensure you are working with a certified, professional coach. This means the coach has invested significant effort to obtain coach-specific training, has completed a rigorous credentialing process, such as the training and certification programs governed by the ICF, and continues their own professional development through related continuing education unit requirements to maintain their credentials.

Janet received her professional training through the Hudson Institute of Santa Barbara, one of the nation’s leading coaching and leadership programs that is an Accredited Coach Training Program through the International Coach Federation (ICF).    She embraces its framework and approach.

Doug Silsbee, author of Presenced Based Coaching, defines coaching as that part of a relationship in which one person is primarily dedicated to serving the long term development of competence, self generation and aliveness in the other.

About Janet Boguch and Wide Angle Coaching

If you were to describe Janet as a coach to a friend or colleague, what would you say?

"I would say first that she is a really great listener. Janet also is incredibly skilled at helping clarify my thoughts and re-framing what I've said to provide solutions that I couldn't hear without her help."
Andrea, coaching client - fund development specialist

"Janet has an amazing gift to keep you on track and focused as you determine the goals you want to achieve and just as important - how you can make them happen! She is extremely insightful and compassionate as she guides you to honestly reflect on what you want or how to improve upon certain elements that will ultimately change the way you see things for yourself. To sum it up – Janet will bring clarity to your life!"
Heather, Executive/Leadership Coaching Client-COO

"The value of this experience has been so much more than career related! I've already started using the things I've learned about myself with Janet in every other aspect of my life. I am constantly amazed and surprised at how much my perspective has shifted since we started meeting."
Kim, client seeking a career move


"First, you focus on what you want to achieve and you both talk through those goals so Janet has a better understanding of what steps to take next.  What I would call the "intake” phase.  At the same time, she suggests reading and written exercises so you can start initiating the changes that will lead to your next decision points.  Then you reach a mid-point where you readdress your initial goals to see if they are still the same or have changed based on the completion of this work which will direct the next set of sessions as you come up with a "Personal Plan” to execute your chosen goals.  There will be intermittent check in appointments as you get underway in implementing this plan for yourself to keep you mindful and to measure progress or determine next courses of action.”   


Clients come to coaching when they are seeking some kind of change in their lives, when they want professional guidance to reach goals or assistance to identify next steps. Some clients are seeking improvement, are feeling stuck in some aspect of their lives or want to grow in particular areas in their personal or professional lives and have not been able to move forward on their own.

The Benefits of Coaching

Entering into a coaching relationship will help you to:

  • Gain fresh perspectives on personal and professional challenges and opportunities
  • Receive unbiased support and challenge which is not possible with family, friends and colleagues.
  • Increase productivity both personally and professionally through greater clarity, increased confidence, and effective decision making.
  • Be accountable through the support of a collaborative partner whose job is to help you remain accountable to your goals, decisions, and commitments.

When you are fully committed, the work you do, with a qualified and professional coach, can be life changing, the catalyst for a life designed with intention for optimum focus, happiness, desire, success.

How to Start

"There are two mistakes one can make along the road to truth…
going all the way, and not starting.” 

Coaching sessions are provided through phone and/or in person sessions. Janet’s comfortable office is located on in the Seattle neighborhood of Capitol Hill. There is free, easy parking and the office is one block from the bus stop.

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